Software Freedom Day 2006

Software Freedom Day 2006 is a worldwide event about free software, which has as main goal inform the people about the benefits of using high-quality free software in schools, in government, at home and in business.

The SoftwareLivreVS free software users' group, with Feevale's support, will make a local edition of this event at Novo Hamburgo / RS, in Câmpus II of Feevale university, at the Expositions Room of the Arenito Building, from 2 to 5 in the afternoon, in september 16th, 2006.

The participation is free from charge and there will be demonstration in computers, free delivering of CD with free/libre software, videos exhibition, games, contact with the local community, and lots of free/libre software for you to use in your computer.

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What is free software

Free software refers to the freedom of users to execute, copy, distribute, study, modify and make the software even better. More precisely, it refers to four specific kinds of freedom for the software users:

  • The freedom to execute the software, for any purpose;
  • The freedom to study how the software works, and adapt it to his or her needs;
  • The freedom of redistribute copies, so that you can help people who are near you;
  • The freedom of making the software better, and distributing this better software, so that everybody get the benefit of it.

About SoftwareLivreVS

SoftwareLivreVS FLOSS users' group is a group of people who use free software in the region of Vale do Sinos. We spread the word about free software and invite people to join us in our group. To know more about us, visit our webpage at

SoftwareLivreVS Group

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