What is it ?

papers is a conference system, featuring:

  • submissions of lecture proposals
  • judgement of the lecture proposals
  • addition of invited/sponsors/etc (not submitted) lectures
  • multiple tracks
  • publishing of conference program

Although it may be useful to several conferences, papers currently has some parts in portuguese. If would like to use papers, please contact the development team so we can join efforts in improving papers..

How can I use it ?

We plan to release properly packaged versions as soon as we think it's worth. Until then, you need to get the source code from the git repository:

$ git clone git://

The INSTAL file lists requirements and steps for installation.


How can I help ?

Keep in touch with the development team. At a first glance, we can indicate some stuff that you could improve if you want to help:

  • papers' "internationalization" sucks. Suggestion: migrate it to smarty-gettext (at least)

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