Key Ways to Improve College Application Essays Released

(Tustin, CA, 11/03/11) With the severe economic downturn pushing out many experienced employees into the workplace, there is unprecedented amount of competition for good paying and personally satisfying job in the market place. The competition is no longer between recent college graduates, but between recent college graduates and people who have graduated years ahead of them with more experience. Also the erosion in asking salaries has also increased the competition between recent college graduates and the existing pool of job applicants.

Real people with real potential

More and more recent college graduates are finding themselves unemployed several months after graduating, and the picture looks gloomy. This has increased the competition for the available admission slots at the most prestigious colleges and universities in the country. Many applicants look at the prestige and national reputation of these institutions as a form of insurance against long periods of unemployment. This increased level of competition has pushed many applicants to put more time into their college application essays. However, many applicants write their college application essay the incorrect way.

"Many applicants just consider the essay as a long-form version of their resume. Others consider it as purely creative writing. Sadly both paths lead to failure." This is according to Paulie Kellerson, media relations officer for, the internet's leading source of free college application essays, essay writing guides and other free resources. Kellerson said, "The admissions committee is looking for real people. They are not looking for a Nobel laureate or Pulitzer Prize winner. Sure you can be either of these in the future, but in terms of the essay, they are looking for a person with potential but who is also real. Embellishments and over-the-top hype turn off more people than they attract." In order to help college applicants get on the right track of writing credible but powerful college admission essays, has released an essay writing guide that seeks to help applicants improve their essays. The resource is located at "Use our guide to augment your personal statement," said Kellerson. Kellerson is also quoted as saying that their guide identifies key areas where you can restructure your essay, redirect your approach and reorganize your biographic information.

The truth of the matter is there are many ways to write college application essays. However, many of those ways lead to dead ends and at best, they make your essay look generic and look like it has been written by any one of your thousands of competitors or they make you look insincere. The writing guide from helps you avoid these pit falls.

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