Pics from London Premiere of Ra.One , Kareena Kapoor, , LINK: Ra1 I am in denial of Zac and Cody turning 20 years old this year because if i accept it then my childhood is gone aqui estamos todos de dieta kkkkk seu KKKK zuera seg?? SDV : a reminder of the rules? Credit Cards in a hat, last one left pays! NEWS: It seems that Black social media has launched an all out assault on the validity of Serena Williams' attractiveness...more later. : NF my boy makin moves Salute Salute thanks so much for the support, honestly! Means a ton! Say hi to us on facebook and pick up our album if you can Followback? (: DL?haha Bitcoin and the termination of Elite BRIC Fiat Money Systems Thanks for the shout out smile ^CS Con en Sevilla...que pedazo finde eh!!

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