Guide on How to Pick the Right Law School Personal Statement Examples Released

(Yorba Linda, CA, 11/10/11) The bad economy and tight job market has really turned up the heat in law school admissions competition. While lower-ranked law schools probably have the same level of competition as previously, if not lower, the spots for higher-ranked national law schools stand to get more competitive because there is a flight to quality among applicants. The simple fact of the matter is that the tight job market in the legal field has made applicants more selective in terms of which school to apply to. One line of thinking is the more prestigious the law school, the higher their chance of getting a legal job since the legal job market now involves competition between seasoned attorneys with several years of experience competing for lower-level spots as recent graduates.

Personal statement as a secret weapon

The pressure is on for law school applicants to get as much of competitive advantage in the legal job market as they can. One strategic way of doing this is focusing their efforts on top-ranked national law schools. This has pitted applicants from all over the country for a few admissions spots. Thankfully for many applicants, a large chunk of the applicant pool neglects the personal statement. Simply put, the law school personal statement is a secret weapon that if used properly can help an applicant get a competitive advantage for scarce admission slots.

"However, just like any secret weapon, if you use it improperly, you negate its effect," said Robert Starkley, media relations officer for, the internet's best provider of free law school personal statement examples, essay writing guides and other free law school admissions resources. To fully use the law school personal statement for maximum effect, the applicant should focus on one key factor: honestly engage the reader. According to Starkley, "You would be amazed at how many applicants confuse the law school admission essay writing process as an exercise in creative writing. This is not fiction writing. If anything, this tests your ability to connect effectively and quickly with readers. Readers are not looking for a novel. They are not looking for your writing expertise; in essence they are looking for your potential." free essay writing guide located at steps the applicant through the sample law school personal statement selection and essay writing process.

To put together a winning personal statement, it truly helps to look at many existing essays and craft together an engaging package. Use the guide to organize your personal information to produce a winning essay.

About is the internet's best source of free law school personal statement examples, essay writing guides and other free law school admission essay resources.

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