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Pay Per Click advertising is the top of online advertising. Usually drawn from search engines and using keyword targeted traffic, Pay Per Click traffic offers a lot of potential to advertisers who are looking for a high volume of targeted traffic delivered quickly. However, just like any other advertising avenue, would-be advertisers must always keep their Return on Investment (ROI) in mind at all times. Pay Per Click campaigns are notorious for spiraling out of control because advertisers didn’t keep their ROI uppermost in mind., the internet's leading consumer and technology issues and references has released a Pay Per Click advertising guide.

"It's easy to lose your shirt in Pay Per Click advertising. It's also easy to say that it doesn't work. Just because you fail at it doesn't mean that PPC is a dead end" said Oliver Thomson, Media Relations Officer for The truth of the matter is, many large e-commerce and advertising driven sites advertise on Pay Per Click networks because they get positive ROI from this advertising channel. They get the benefit of a large volume of targeted traffic delivered quickly to their target pages. While the downside of click fraud is ever present, continuously evolving technology serves to keep this menace under control.

The bigger problem with PPC is the advertiser. Many advertiser start a PPC campaign without adequate preparation and end up losing money. Many walk away with the wrong impression regarding this advertising channel. The truth of the matter is, PPC advertisers need to spend a lot of time adequately preparing for their Pay Per Click campaign, or else the campaign will fail.

"PPC campaigns need a lot of deliberation. You must know your target keywords. You must filter them based on ROI concerns. You must construct or tweak your pages so that they fit well with your keywords. And finally and this is the most important part, you must have to continuously tweak your keyword and page combinations so you can hit your ROI targets" said Thomson.

The hard truth is successful Pay Per Click campaign involves constant tweaking both on the actual page that the traffic is going to and the keyword combination. However, this heavy level of effort and attention pays off in the long run because if you hit the "sweet spot" of having the right pages for the right keywords targeting the right people, the ROI becomes predictable over the long run and allows you to plan ahead to grow your business. Don’t underestimate the power of Pay Per Click advertising however. Jump in with your eyes wide open.


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