Twitter Can Doom Your Law School or College Personal Statement Chances?

(Encino, CA, 10/20/11) - There has historically always been stiff competition for top colleges. However, as the tough economy has forced people that would have normally applied to lower-tier schools and middle-tier applicants applying to upper-tier schools, the competition has heated up. This "flight to quality" is driven by the thinking that more prestigious or higher-ranked schools would increase one's employment chances upon graduation. Whether this assumption is true or not, the fact remains that competition is heating up.

Revving up for competition

To deal with this competition, many students are using the personal statement to get a competitive advantage. However, this essay is not a magic bullet. It only works as a tiebreaker if people are within a particular range of GPA and aptitude test scores. In particular, if two applicants are within the same range and one has bothered to write a convincing personal statement essay and another just went through the bases by just writing their resume in essay form, there is a distinct advantage for the person who took the time to write a compelling statement.

Quality matters

Social network sites are great for finding jobs, connecting with friends and even getting freelance work. However, by putting up bad links or putting up embarrassing information, many people are really causing themselves a personal harm. In the admissions context, many applicants to college are certainly abolishing their admissions chances by admitting plagiarism. Plagiarism is a major problem in the admissions context because the internet is littered with existing personal statement essays, which numerous people just copy and paste and submit as their own.

Admissions committees are not dumb and they are wise to this and are cracking it down. If you put your plagiarized materials on social network sites like Twitter or twit bits of it, it can be found and it can be counted against you., the internet's leading free source of personal statement examples, writing tips and writing guides, has released a free resource located at that helps applicants to college write exciting personal statements without having to resort to plagiarism. "Our writing guide helps students to get started," said Hilarion Marlonson, media relations officer for Our resource gets students started. That is the key step. "Procrastination in admissions essay writing is a notorious problem," added Marlonson. After you have started, the resource helps you boost the excitement level of your essay. An essay that is not read or is not read closely enough is not going to have as much power as one that is written to grab the admissions committee's attention. Marlonson is quoted as saying that at the end of the day, it is quality that matters and their free writing guide helps you to craft together a compelling essay.

The guide helps applicants evade plagiarism issue by instructing them to piece together a coercive essay using guidelines instead of taking a short cut and just hijacking somebody else's work. By learning principles of sound writing and attention-grabbing organization, applicants to college as well as applicants for law school, medical school, graduate school, MBA programs and other programs of higher learning can turn the personal statement essay from a mere formality into a potent tool for boosting their admissions chances.

About is the internet's free leading source of personal statement examples, writing guides and other free resources for applicants to colleges and universities. This also applies to law school, medical school, graduate school, MBA programs and other programs of higher learning.

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