FISL12 Keysigning Party Announcement

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In order to reinforce the Web of Trust, during the second-to-last day of the 12th International Free Software Forum an OpenPGP keysiging party will take place. This party will follow Zimmermann-Sassaman Projected Protocol aiming at maximum agility. To participate, in summary, you must:

  • Send your key to keyserver until 22:00 of 28-Jun-2011 (Note: this is a send-only server):
          bash$ gpg --keyserver --send-keys KeyID
          gpg: sending key KeyID to hkp server
  • Check if the server got your key by trying to send it again (you must get an error type 409):
          bash$ gpg --keyserver --send-keys KeyID
          gpg: sending key KeyID to hkp server
          gpgkeys: HTTP post error 22: url returned error 409    <=================== Look! Here is the error.
          gpg: keyserver internal error
          gpg: keyserver send failed: keyserver error
  • Wait for the keylist to be published here, along with the hashs.
  • Print the list and calculate yourself its hashs, marking the appropriate spot in case they match.
  • Take to the party two photo-ids (at least one of them issued by a governmental entity), a copy of your key fingerprint, the list you yourself printed, and a pen.

Old keys

This will be a generical party. As such, old keys (DSA 1024, with SHA-1) will be accepted, no problems. However we strongly advise that new, stronger keys be generated, taking full advantage of this party's potential to improve Web of Trust infrasctructure.

If you hold old keys, please, consider taking the appropriate steps to replace them by stronger ones. If you still hold no OpenPGP key and intend to generate a pair to participate in this party, use this opportunity to generate strong keys (at least RSA 2048, SHA256 - check Key Length Site for a discussion on the length of the keys)... The previous reference shows how to configure GnuPG to generate and keep keys like this. (check here for a Mini-Howto on the issue).

More information

Check the keysiging party coordination webpage for more information.

-- PabloLorenzzoni - 16 Jun 2011

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